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 Spun Glass Creationís will continue to bring the best in Spun Glass Creations to you as they become available. We take great pride in presenting Glass Creationís from all over the world for you to pick from.

Collectible spun glass figurines are delicate little treasures that are created from hot molten glass. Often called lace glass, or lace crystal figurines, spun glass pieces are often intricate and elegant works that are prized by collectors all over the world. Generally made from fine crystal, spun glass figurines are an exquisite site to behold.

We provide a variety of spun glass figurines for any gift giving occasion. We have spun glass roses, hearts, animals, dancers, fantasies, vehicles and carousels.

Within these pages you will find a variety of spun glass figurines which can make the perfect gift for any occasion. We have spun glass roses that are a gift of love that can last forever and spun glass hearts to offer a symbol of one's love to another. We also have spun glass animals that are brought to life by the splendor of glass and dancers held in awe through the magic of glass. You may also step into the mystical realm of spun glass fantasies and take a magical drive with our spun glass vehicles. In addition, we have spun glass carousels to amuse everyone of every age. Our spun glass figurines are some of the best in the business.

We have also added for your selection a wide variety of glass top tables that feature wildlife bases and waterfalls. Check out our glass tables and make your selection from the best on the net.

We have taken great care in selecting products that will insure only the finest quality spun glass items.

We will from time to time place products on the sale page which will run from 10% to 20% off the retail price. Check this page often, as the products will change every month. We will from time to time place other products of interest on the sale page for you to see. Great care has been taken to present for you the finest Glass Creations from different parts of the world. Browse through our shop pages and select the product you have been looking for.

New spun glass creations will be added as they become available, so check back often. Thank you for shopping at Spun Glass Creations.

Should there be a special item you have not been able to find, "ask us".

We may be able to find the item for you. If we can not beat the competitors price we will direct you to their web site so you may purchase the item in question.


ALL orders outside the United States will be calculated by UPS and these figures will be forwarded to you for payment. Once you have applied your shipping costs, your order will be processed and shipped to you.



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